I certainly did, given my dog’s sociability, people-centric behavior, and working dog breed. TRUTH: While we partner with and have very good working relationships with 19 shelter management providers, we were unable to maintain a relationship with RescueGroups. Check out , your local animal shelters or rescue groups. Tomorrow is the first day of Petfinder’s Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week”, a celebration of pets that you may not have considered before.

It may come as a suprise to you and your management, but most of the work a shelter does have VERY little to do with listing adoptable pets. That is a terrible shame — that Petfinder’s business model seemingly does not align with using all available resources for finding homes for rescued animals.pet finder

My and my family’s time is consumed with taking care of animals and trying to find them new homes. Adult dogs have an adoption fee of $75. Southern Indiana Animal Rescue strives to go above and beyond” when caring for, socializing, and training our rescued pets. After the initial purchase price, owners may be faced with the costs of vaccinations, desexing and microchipping – although reputable breeders and animal shelters will ensure this is done before offering the dog or puppy for adoption.

You do what you believe is best for your organization, they do what they believe is best for the whole of the pets from the 15,000 organizations that post to them. Petfinder claims to have brokered 12 million adoptions since 1995. Breeders have been purposefully breeding smaller and smaller size dogs for the fashionable crowd that likes to imitate Paris Hilton.pet finder

When you see a lost puppy or kitten on the bill post in your local town area, then you can see how much owners are putting in to just find their lost pets. Dogs arriving …

Being a pet owner is never easy. Once upon a time I had it drilled into my head that kennels and catteries are bad, and that 25{d57f08c3fa0ad4f25ed410a603d9be293b42c9745e208e59f51c8a6144480e21} of animals in rescues are purebred, so that is proof that breeders are all bad people without question (hmm, lets not consider the 75{d57f08c3fa0ad4f25ed410a603d9be293b42c9745e208e59f51c8a6144480e21} of shelter animals coming from Average Joe being irresponsible…).pet finder

You all may not be able to see the big picture from your single organizations point of view, but Petfinder has proven time and again, that they will do what they believe is Best for the Animals over and over again, even if its not the popular action, even if it costs them money.

So now in addition to working full time M-F, 8am to 5pm, taking care of a husband a daughter, and 8 furry children (5 cats and 3 dogs), trying to get up to the shelter at least every other weekend, take photos of 100+ animals, come home edit them, NOW I will have to upload them to 3 different areas – Petpoint (our shelter uses it), Adoption Portal and Petfinder.

I’d been searching for a way to display adoptable pets directly on the Liberty Humane Society ‘s facebook page (which I co-administrate) for months, and I knew that the petfinder widget uses iframes, so I hoped that this would bring me closer to my goal.

It directly affects my ability to properly care for the animals that I am trying so hard to help, mostly out of my own pocket. The dog and cat pages are filled with beautiful pictures of pets waiting to be adopted. Nowadays most people don’t even have the time for themselves so this has to be decision thought through well.pet finder

If you are considering adopting a Poodle from a rescue centre rather than buying a puppy, good for you! Work together with RescueGroups to achieve the highest possible visibility for our homeless, adoptable animals. We would like to post our pets one time to our own website and be able to share them with, not only the 5.2 million adopters at Petfinder but with the many millions of other adopters that access many other pet locating sites.pet finder

I now check PetFinder 3-8 times a day, and when I see a new listing, I inquire immediately. According to RescueGroups, Petfinder has blatantly stated that it refuses to work with RescueGroups and that doing so does not fit Petfinder’s business model. I’ve no doubt that in spite of the fact that PetFinder performs their due diligence, some puppy mills likely slip through the cracks.pet finder

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Apparently, organized Michigan Humane Society to not batch upload their pets to Petfinder, but rather they have trained a whole slew of volunteers that do nothing but manually enter the animals into Petfinder. For most common domesticated pets, they are not used to other surroundings and are more prone to just wander about the familiar grounds they have managed to cover with their stay with you.

Because we want to help your pets get maximum exposure, we offer other websites the ability to access the Petfinder database for the purpose of promoting adoptable pets. It is currently the most infectious disease dogs in the United States face today. Placing solid colored black cats and large black dogs can be so difficult that some shelters run promotions and try to create more color and appeal- necks adorned with colorful scarves, discounted adoption fees, and even superhero names.

So Southern Indiana Animal Rescue …