In light of a trainer’s tragic death from interacting with a supposedly trained killer whale, it is interesting to note that this is not first, and not even the second, but the third death caused by this powerful animal. Insurance can also provide coverage in the event of death of the exotic animals because of fire, natural disaster, accident, injury or illness. Bowzer is very friendly and Bearded dragons make great pets for first time lizard owners. Cages or tanks housing exotic pets should be cleaned and disinfected with an appropriate disinfectant at the correct concentration on a regular basis.exotic pets

A few of the best exotic pets that you can choose to go for would be coatimundis, kinkajous, lemurs, red kangaroos, ferrets, chinchillas, dormice, guinea pigs, potbelly pigs, and lemurs. Salmonella is a zoonosis from pet reptiles that I am asked about on a fairly regular basis, and usually relates to the risk associated with reptile pets and Salmonellosis in humans.

Cats are one of the most popular animals that are domesticated and kept as pets. Not that I’m saying cats and dogs don’t need good care, but the care they need is much easier to meet than the care needs of a big cat or primate. The basis of keeping such pets successfully is in researching their requirements and providing as near a replication of wild conditions as possible.exotic pets

Tree boas and pythons tend to have very strict temperature and humidity requirements, and water snakes have very specific care requirements too. Many of these exotic lizards, snakes or spiders are poisonous and can take quite an ordinary situation for potential danger or threat.

The tails of these exotic animals on the other hand, is intended for providing balance while they hop. Figures for other exotic pets are also shocking. …

In light of a trainer’s tragic death from interacting with a supposedly trained killer whale, it is interesting to note that this is not first, and not even the second, but the third death caused by this powerful animal. Additionally, even though zoos can do a wonderful job of providing a safe haven for wild animals, they can still make kids want an exotic animal as a pet. He sells a lot of snakes online to individuals or to pet shops like Custom Critters. Foxes are carnivores, and many will regard them as wild animals who might attack their pets or children.

By the time the animals reach the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory in Dubai, where Dr Wernery is the scientific director, they are beyond help. The inevitable end to that story is that they end up with more animals than they can afford to care for, and the animals begin to starve.

We just won’t get that honest data I’d bet because a lot of the casualties of the reptile morph obsession are brushed under the carpet as inevitable consequences without much regard for the welfare of individual animals. 3. EXOTIC ANIMALS CAN BE GREAT FOR PEOPLE WITH PET ALLERGIES.exotic pets

Invisible effects on the other hand are more difficult to quantify and often only come to the fore later in an animal’s life, by which time it may have already passed on its defective genetic material to many more generations. We started out with corn snakes because they’re a really good beginner snake; really docile and not prone to bite… We also have an Australian jungle carpet python that that’s all they want to do is bite.

Exotic pets are known to bite and scratch without warning. Basically, an exotic pet is a rare or prodigious animal that is …

The breed and type of an exotic pet can make a big difference. As with any animal production enterprise it is important to consider the outcomes and responsibilities involved in breeding of our charges, ensuring we do so in a way that minimises suffering and maintains high standards of welfare for both the animals we breed from and ultimately any offspring we produce for the remainder of their lives.

Exotic species like the lion fish and the African land snail are animals that were once introduced into this country as pets, but they somehow managed to escape and now become invasive species, which post great threat to the local enviornment in many ways.

Call the clinic 5 minutes to closing time on a Friday evening for your very sick pet that’s been vomiting, not eating, trembling and had explosive diarrhoea for three days already, but NOW it’s an emergency and at least two staff will have to stay behind on their own time to see you when you flip out about going to the out of hours clinic.

Basic biological knowledge dictates that the longer and more closely you breed somewhat related lines of animals (and I’d love a widespread genetic study to show just how closely related a lot of morph lines actually are, but again won’t happen as requires co-operation and honesty), the less vigorous these animals become, the shorter their lifespan and in many cases the poorer their welfare.exotic pets

The owner will have to make efforts to introduce more variety into the snakes diet with earthworms, pink mice, feeder fish species that lack the thiaminase enzyme such as guppies and platies, or commercially available fresh and frozen fish species again that lack thiaminases such as trout and salmon and some other native freshwater angling species.exotic pets