I kissed Punk’s mouth gently and said Daddy loves you too, baby, even though you are a worthless cum hole.” Then I pulled one of the old wooden chairs over in front of him and got up on it, to bring my cock to his face level, since I didn’t want to untie him yet.

Punk still wasn’t happy taking a dick up his ass, but orally, he was pretty well exactly what I wanted him to be. Holding his hips, I jammed my own pelvis forward hard, trying my damnedest to bury my cock in Punk’s tight asshole in one thrust. She has the long, unrelenting, topsy-turvy journey ahead, where every bad round will hit hard and every criticism will feel like a personal attack.puppies

Sure, I’d chloroformed him and kidnapped him right out of the alley where he was playing behind his house, and raped the ass off him all the way across country to Wyoming, but you still had to figure he’d been pretty scared, left strung up naked by his wrists to the central support beam in the cabin’s one large room while I drove the truck 30 miles 50 km back into the nearest town …

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