4 Things You Need to Know about German Shepard Puppies

German shepherds are intelligent and beautiful dogs. Bringing home a new puppy, especially a German shepherd can be intimidating. However, this article will help you prepare for your little bundle of joy.

1. Curious and Intelligent

Did you know German shepherds are naturally curious? Their love of exploring makes them well suited for training. Although German shepherds are amazing dogs, you should always use caution when finding a puppy. Be sure to always use reputable German shepherd breeders Florida. Using a reputable breeder will help you feel at ease. Breeders can give you a puppy’s health history and more information on what to expect and how to help your puppy adjust to his or her new life with you.

2. High Energy

German shepherds are high energy dogs. This breed is commonly used for the police and military mainly because they are ready for a challenge, smart and have a good amount of energy. When you bring your puppy home, make sure to provide plenty of playtime because your puppy will need to get his or her energy out.

3. Shedding

German shepherds shed quite a bit. However, as puppies the clean-up is minimal, but as they grow older there will be more shedding. Establishing bath time and brushing routines is essential for your puppy. Don’t forget to talk with your breeder about how often you should bathe and brush your puppy.

4. Training

Since German shepherds are very inquisitive, they would do quite well in training. When working with a breeder, it’s important to set up a training schedule to help your puppy thrive. Whether you need help with obedience training or impulse control, there are many options available to train for success.

As you can see, bringing home a German shepherd puppy does require work. However, with time and dedication, your new puppy can become a companion who is smart, loyal and protective. 

4 Things You Need to Know about German Shepard Puppies
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