CBD Oil Cat Treats versus Anxiety

You probably heard someone talking about CBD when they mention marijuana and that’s because it comes from the same plant. It’s short for cannabidiol and it’s a chemical compound found in this plant. It is natural and with years of research people found out it has some medical benefits. After a lot of testing, they realized it can be used for pets that have a certain medical condition.

Compared to THC, it isn’t psychoactive and you will only have that calm and relaxed feeling. With a bit of research about womenfitnessmag CBD, you can see if your cat needs it. It might be hard to get depending on the state but most people order it online. Make sure you know where you are getting it from and if you are not breaking any law.

Cats and Anxiety

Very similar to humans, cats will show anxiety after a certain event that can trigger it like fireworks or something more extreme. When this situation happens, they will either run or fight and prepare themselves for the worst. They can experience being in this state too many times which has a big impact on their health pushing them to their limits. They don’t need to do this often so it will depend on the pet.

The amount of stress is affecting their quality of life and mood and it can stick and cause other issues. Some of the most common things that can trigger it are being left alone for too long and big changes in the environment. When you move to a new place, the unfamiliar surroundings can affect them and make them nervous but it is usually a bigger change that has an effect. Read more on this page.

How to Recognize It?

It can be a bit difficult to notice and figure out if your pet has anxiety because it isn’t obvious immediately. But, you should look out for it because you are the owner and you are responsible to take action. If you visit a vet from time to time, they might be of huge help. An issue might be that the symptoms may vary.

Finding hideaway places and being unusually shy can be some of the signs but also extreme meowing. Using CBD products can be a great solution but you should ask a professional for advice, a vet or at the store. The pet can also get more aggressive so some signs are very clear. Any odd behavior can be a symptom after which you can contact a professional so they can check it out.

Why CBD Helps?

Even with a lot of patients and time to do analysis, anxiety is still a mystery and we don’t even know how exactly CBD helps but the outcome is clear. We take antidepressants which may not be a great way to treat it so people turn to more natural ways like marijuana or some of the chemicals in it. What our doctor prescribes is usually a slow process so make sure you know what your pet is getting.

What specialists figured out is that cannabidiol triggers an anxiety-reducing effect which is connected with serotonin. Taking it activates receptors in our nervous system that is connected to reducing anxiety and depression. They act positively on your body and increase your serotonin levels.

Humans and our pets have a gamma-Aminobutyric acid neurotransmitter which is responsible for the calmness of our brain. Cannabidiol is a chemical that helps in balancing inhibition and excitation. GABA is also present in cats and when you connect the dots, it is clear why we see some of the benefits. It is expected to have more clear studies in the future but it is still acceptable in the pet community. Read more about it here: https://www.thesprucepets.com/is-cbd-oil-good-for-cats-4686100

What Product to Give To Your Cat?

There are many options on the market but that isn’t as important as making sure you don’t provide and products that are intended for human consumption. The dosage will be much higher so make sure you have a specific product for the pet. Some of them you can find online can have traces of THC which won’t benefit your cat and will have a different formula. That is why it’s better to consult with your vet before buying.

If your cat doesn’t want to stay still, it can be difficult to use CBD oil drops because they are administered directly. The best choice can be oil spray that is placed on the food and edible treats. Always read the manual because they will display a guide when it comes to dosage, time and everything you need to take care of. Most important thing is to check its safety and if the manufacturer is well-known.

All Benefits

Besides being great versus anxiety, there are other benefits it will have when taking these products. Arthritis is one of the common conditions because of the continuous use of joints. The only option they had is massage, laser and acupuncture but CBD can replace all of these options. It will help in reducing chronic pain, inflammations and also improve mobility.

When our body overreacts to allergens such as dust and pollen, we get asthma which is a type of inflammation. Even cats can have it but they lack effective treatment compared to humans. Inhalers for pets are very expensive and won’t be a great choice if it happens a lot so having CBD treats to regulate it is a much better option. It reduces the number of attacks, but don’t throw away the medication unless your veterinary doctor says so.

One of the most common but not the last is pancreatitis which is an inflammatory disease. Specialists thought that dogs are more prone to it but that has changed. It’s very important to treat it on time because it leaks digestive fluids that can be harmful to the tissue and cause a lot of damage. CBD works by reducing the inflammation by reducing the dilation of blood vessels. If it loses weight fast, vomits and has diarrhea, you might check for IBD.

CBD Oil Cat Treats versus Anxiety
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