Dog Rehoming

If you’re thinking about adding a new pet into your family, have you considered visiting your local shelter or pet adoption agency? About Us: CCRT a network of volunteers working together to rescue, transport, foster and provide necessary veterinary care for homeless, abandoned, neglected, or abused Chihuahuas. These include big dogs, small dogs, in between dogs, mutts, purebreds, puppies, middle aged dogs and senior dogs.

And, it is quite heartbreaking for parents to confine their children from pets. It’s a myth that all dogs come for adoption because they have behavioural problems. Bertha loves people and gets along with other nice dogs. Although many people consider that dogs that need to be re-homed must have something wrong with them, such as a health or behavioural issue, this is very often not the case.adopt a dog

Adopting from a pet store is probably going to be the most expensive route to adopt a dog. Fritz was a very timid guy when he was rescued from an informal settlement in November 2014 but, after spending a short time undergoing rehabilitation in a foster home, he is now ready to become someone’s new friend and companion.

Shelters & rescues have a wide variety of dogs. It is not as easy as it seems, and there are a lot of things that prospective dog adopters forget to take into consideration. And do not forget that one of the best adoptions is the older, wiser, already-potty trained pet.

We have been getting calls from people enquiring about availability of foreign breed dogs for adoption. In fact, why not help build momentum and spread the word by adding your name to our pledge to make your next pet a rescue or shelter animal and like” us on Facebook and Twitter.adopt a dog

Dog Rehoming
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