George And Louie’s

After I finished pissing and Punk finished up draining my dick down his throat, I gave him a break, which meant putting him to work, but with no butt sex, for the next hour or so, sweeping a year’s worth of dirt out of the cabin, unrolling the mattresses on the bunks, spreading our big double sleeping bag out on one… Punk would be used during the day by all the guys, just as I’d use their contributions to the weekend fun during the day myself, but he’d sleep with me… and finally, hauling buckets of water from the pump outside to fill up the big wash tub so he and I could take a bath.

But adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse who awaken to the truth of their damaging childhood, and strive to do the opposite of what they have been taught will NOT emotionally abuse their children. I loved Punk, but Hole had these sweet little blue eyes that he’d flutter up at you, looking so innocent as he sucked your dick, yet doing it with a better technique than a 30 year old Denver prostitute.puppies

Black Hole would be black, of course, because Randall is a real red neck and he gets off on fucking black kids (he says ‘all niggers love to suck dick’ and is determined to prove it; I’m not wild about his language or attitudes, but we try to emphasize what brings us together… a mutual love of kiddie sex and rape… rather than what sets us apart).

After the third time, as he sobbed and whimpered like he was going to die, I’d given him a few minutes, then slapped him a couple of times to get his attention, and when I had it, I’d told him that I’d take the gag out of his mouth and untie his hands so he could learn to give me a blowjob… or, if he didn’t want to suck my dick for me, that was fine, I’d just fuck him again the next time I got a hard on.puppies

He did get me off in his mouth within his two minutes, and swallowed every drop and made it look like he loved doing it, too, and I had to give him a perfect 10… and I just knew if he’d blown everyone else that well, I wasn’t going to get Best Trainer, plus, his ass was going to be off limits for the rest of the weekend, which seemed like a shame.

George And Louie’s
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