How to tame a dog

This time I will pose about taming a mongrel. Basically dogs are submissive animals only need special exstra training so that he can obey his master’s orders. From the days of ancient Egyptian civilization, dogs were close to humans even though at that time the dog species had not been as many as now. Only a few breeds of dogs are like wolves that are actually dog ​​beams now.

The dog that we will tame this time is the lowest dog or dog breed after wild dogs and coyotes, but low according to the class view, mongrel is often made as a house keeper dog, but with training mongrel can also be a high class dog in general. Immediately how to practice it like this:

1. Determine which dog we will train. In selecting dogs, of course not just any village dog that can be trained, it must be selected first seed weight.
Try dogs that are healthy and not affected by rabies. From the color motif, it is not recommended to choose color, meaning the color of the selected dog is free. Look for a dog that has a short tail because a dog that has a long tail tends to recalcitrant, also pay attention to the way the dog sleeps if he sleeps and hides his head, because the dog is timid and unsuitable to be a guard dog. in the pile on both front legs. From the age of the dog that is fast to be trained, of course, which is still quite young, ranging from 1 to 1.5 years.

2. Look for a dog from a place far away from the location of your home, so that after you bring it home do not return home to their original place or meet their parents because it can interfere with the learning process that you provide. And don’t forget when you bring it, don’t drag or remove it once, but use a sack or dog cage not to stop the dog on the road for BAB every time he leaves the smell that he can recognize it will come back to his house.

3. After you arrive at the house, don’t open the sack right away, you just remove the sack strap and don’t forget to put the food next to the sack, so he feels you are not a threat. After that, look at the dog from a distance after he managed to get out of the sack himself, he will immediately see the food that has been served and eat it, but do not act anything, just wait until he is finished, you just pay attention. Of course, after he finishes eating, he will avoid going to another place, it’s not a problem, let him go anyway, and he will come back again because this new place is very strange and he just turns around your house and starts marking his new toriterial territory. Just wait until he’s hungry and must go home to where he got the first meal. That is the nature of a mongrel if he gets food somewhere, surely he will come back again to look for it. If he has come directly to provide food but don’t put on a tense or angry face but just normal. Because dogs can read angry facial expressions, they are scared and anxious and so on.

4. Your first meeting with him will always be remembered in his heart. Everyone who gives him food will sincerely become his master. Automatically he will be at home in your home if you always feed him. Then make it a habit to give a nickname that is fixed, and simple so that he is easy to remember, suggested not to use other names.

5. Begin to invite him to meet face to face. So that you are no stranger to him and not a threat to him.

6. After he is quite familiar with you, try stroking the belly of his stomach and head, smooth the stomach because the dog really likes that.

7. Encourage the dog to walk on a repetitive basis to prevent stress on the dog, do not once tie the dog because it is the most annoying thing for him. Except for elite dogs that are already smart, it is different from the village dogs who are still in the education process.

8. Invite the dog to play just entertainment so he feels he has status among your family.

9. If he does something bad use a high-pitched sound.

How to tame a dog
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