Keep her in your basement and fuck her three or four times a day, maybe throw in a little bit of a beating now and then, feed her regularly with your own hands and constantly alternate telling her what a worthless slut she is with telling her how much you love her, and in a week, tops, you’ll be able to untie her and point to the open door, and she’ll get on her knees and beg you, crying on your feet, to not make her leave.puppies

Punk was moaning into my mouth now and his tongue had started to come alive against mine once more; in six days, he’d also picked up quite a lot of kissing technique, as well, and although I knew his ass still hurt from my dick ramming in and out of it brutally, I also knew the sensations were starting to feel good to him, too.puppies

It’s a simple defensive survival adaptation, too… as I mentioned before, rape someone long enough and often enough, especially a kid, and especially, in our culture, a young boy, and they just give in to it. Their mind buckles and they just adapt to it and learn to like it. Ideally, your happiest and best trained little cum sluts should be sucking your dick before they’re out of Pampers and getting it up the ass by the age of 5 or 6 at the latest… this way, by the time they reach their stage of maximum cuteness (from around 8 to 14) they’re well broken in, they love cock, and they’ll do whatever daddy tells them to do and enjoy it, even (or especially) if what daddy tells them to do is come to work with him once or twice a week and suck off half the guys in the office while the other half line up to simultaneously shaft their hot little butt holes.

As a general rule, Hole rarely had a hole free for the bulk of the weekend; if someone was up his ass, someone else would be doing his mouth, and vice versa. An emotionally abused child usually continues being emotionally abused by the parents long into adulthood.

Or about how Princess and Punk teamed up on me all day on Monday, trading off kissing me and blowing me, or kissing me and shoving their asses down on my hard on, or making out with each other or 69ing with each other while they were laying on top of me, and I didn’t even get off my bunk until about four ‘clock that afternoon, when four of the guys had already packed up and left.

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