Pet Loss

Animal adoption for kids is an important topic and this article focuses on what to expect when you plan to adopt a pet for your kids. We get it. But there is absolutely no point in posting, I wish I could help, but I’m 1,000 miles away,” or I wish I could help, but I have five dogs already.” If you can’t help, that’s fine, but stop cluttering threads with your sentiment. So Lesson One is that there are sometimes pure breed dogs available at your rescue.

Potential adopters can come prepared by completing a Dog Adoption Survey All adoptions will follow our standard adoption routine which includes an adoption survey, adoption counseling with an ARLGP canine staff member, and a meet-and-greet. Caring for dogs requires so much more space and time than adoption

The first time, he was returned for being too ‘wiggly’ around small animals, whatever that meant, and the second reason was for ‘jumping up’. Sometimes people buy a puppy, and when that puppy gets too big, decide they can’t keep it anymore. There are lots of pets in need of good homes, so even if you don’t see your new pet in the photos, please get in adoption

Not all of the animals in shelters are lost dogs who couldn’t find their way back home. However, Maximus likes most dogs (of all sizes!) and would likely adore having a canine sibling in his new home who loves adventuring as much as he does. As always, ARLGP adoptions are first-come, first-served, and require our normal adoption application process.

Pet adoption is taking responsibility for an animal put up for adoption due to the circumstances mentioned above. These adopters are serious enough to actually fill out an adoption application, but that’s typically where the positives end. After seeing the vet and being cleared for adoption, he attended the groundbreaking ceremony of our new Arthur P. Girard Adoption Center where everyone gushed about how lovely he was.

Pet Loss
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