Camels As Pets

I’ve spoken before about the Animal Planet TV Show Fatal Attractions This past Thursday, they showed two episodes in which people were keeping tigers, perhaps in honor” of this week’s events in Zanesville. You can easily spot these animals in pet shops that are breeding them in captivity. If they have been anorexic for some time then I often fit them with a feeding tube in the side of their neck so that liquid feeds and medications can be administered easily at home without stressing the animal out.exotic pets

Last weekend I did a (prophetic) post saying I’d like to regulate the hell out of how people are allowed to treat their animals. Exotic pets are a wonderful alternative, notably amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates and so on. For example, frogs have no fur and tarantulas don’t have feathers, so if the problem is an allergy then the solution may well be here.

However renal lymphoma, which is one of the more common cancers in reptiles, is unfortunately not exclusive to older animals as in many other cancers. Some want to have more exciting companions at home, and thus, there are people who choose to have an exotic pet instead.

You can also call the humane society, animal shelter, or even veterinarians to get suggestions on whom you should check with on legal issues about your pets. There are different types of exotic pets available. McKenzie also suggests looking to reptile experts like Cathy Love and Tom Crutchfield for advice on how …

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