Pet Adoption Might The Best Thing To Do For You And Your Family

Over the last few years, there has been quite a shift in the ownership of dogs. The reasons above make it unfeasible to use the Petfinder API as a replacement for uploading pet data directly to Petfinder. They fear that in-breeding and line breeding for specific characteristics has weakened the genes of purebred dogs. Petfinder was deliberately NOT created as a non-profit organization, choosing not to compete with the shelters and rescue groups for grant dollars, and instead focusing on leveraging the corporate dollars we knew we could tap into for your pets.

However, this really is a pretty blantant power grab” and it’s the small rescue groups like us – who do an enormous amount of work on behalf of animals – that suffers. Avoid going to shelters, because they are overcrowded and the pet may be put to death quickly if it is not claimed.pet finder

A great Poodle rescue centre is run very similarly to a human adoption centre. We are a small facility compared to others in the area, but house over 100 amazing and unique cats, kittens, and other animals. We have provided a viable solution to RescueGroups by offering them our API – giving them access to your pet data (without logos or advertisements) – at no charge.pet finder

We are proud to say we care enough about our pets, that we welcome them into our homes as our own. Millions of dogs are killed in Shelters every year. I believe that both and Petfinder have …

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