How To Go About Reporting Animal Neglect

If you are considering adopting a Poodle from a rescue centre rather than buying a puppy, good for you! Work together with RescueGroups to achieve the highest possible visibility for our homeless, adoptable animals. We would like to post our pets one time to our own website and be able to share them with, not only the 5.2 million adopters at Petfinder but with the many millions of other adopters that access many other pet locating finder

I now check PetFinder 3-8 times a day, and when I see a new listing, I inquire immediately. According to RescueGroups, Petfinder has blatantly stated that it refuses to work with RescueGroups and that doing so does not fit Petfinder’s business model. I’ve no doubt that in spite of the fact that PetFinder performs their due diligence, some puppy mills likely slip through the finder

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Apparently, organized Michigan Humane Society to not batch upload their pets to Petfinder, but rather they have trained a whole slew of volunteers that do nothing but manually enter the animals into Petfinder. For most common domesticated pets, they are not used to other surroundings and are more prone to just wander about the familiar grounds they have managed to cover with their stay with you.

Because we want to help your pets get maximum exposure, we offer other websites the ability to access the Petfinder database for the purpose of promoting adoptable pets. It is currently the most infectious disease …

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