Adoptable Dogs Roane County (TN) Animal Shelter

Every year millions of unwanted puppies and dogs wind up in animal shelters or rescue leagues across the country. Most smaller animal rescue organizations, like F.U.R.R., usually cannot afford to spend a lot of money on really serious injuries or illnesses, but every once in a while you just have to do it. Instead of perfect conformation and adherence to breed traits, these dogs win by showing off their brains and their training.

This limitation would force us to download all pets for all organizations using our services every 15-30 minutes in order to find updated pets and keep a high quality of service when uploading to the adoption listing web sites. Batu is up for adoption from the Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers, who note that he will need an understanding and patient finder

If you require time to think about your decision to add a new member, but think you have found the one, we offer a 1 day hold” for kittens and a 48 hour hold” for cats 12 months or older. Although it might be tempting to breed your pet miniature Beagle, do yourself and the dog a favor by getting him neutered or her spayed as soon as they hit six months of age.

All papers were thank fully gathered up by the cat rescue who grabbed him up before he went into the shelter. I simply cannot believe the stupidity of PetFinder….they are trying to hold us to ransom because they know that they are …

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