What Are the 3 Types of Olympic Equestrian Events?

Watching the Olympics is an exciting time. Seeing athletes at the top of their game is an exciting opportunity to see style and grace in a variety of sports. The Equestrian events included in the Olympics are dressage, eventing and show jumping.


Dressage is known as the most artistic equestrian event which tests the ability of the horse and rider to complete movements with supreme gracefulness and athleticism. The horse and rider need to have a connection of trust to be able to compete at this level of the sport. Using subtle commands, the horse responds to the rider’s directions to change directions, gallop or move quickly from side to side. Pole caddy brackets keep items out of the arena so it’s completely clear for the event.


Known as the equestrian triathlon, eventing includes jumping, dressage and cross country. The cross country portion is unique to eventing and includes 40 obstacles, which may include fences, hedges and water jumps. The scores from the three events are tallied together for the final score. Excellent athletic skill is required for the horse and rider to succeed in this event.

Show Jumping

Jumping takes a lot of skill, courage and technical ability. The horse and rider complete a course with 12 to 15 obstacles in a particular order. Points are lost if the horse refuses an obstacle, knocks a pole down or exceeds the time limit. The horse and rider need to communicate well with each other and trust each other for the jumps to be completed. Each course offers different challenges and is decorated to match the area’s cultural vibes.

No matter which equestrian event you tune in to watch, you won’t be disappointed when you watch the amazing grace and technical abilities of the riders and their beautiful horses.

What Are the 3 Types of Olympic Equestrian Events?
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