Generally seen as giant goldfish, Koi fish are actually in the carp family. We are sorry for your wasted time but do appreciate the notes of support so many of you included when forwarding the mail on to us. As you know, Petfinder was founded 14 years ago to help you in the life-saving work that you do. We continue with that same mission today – and continue to bring the most adopters to view your pets – free of charge to you and to them.

The organizations that have requested an FTP account or import setup so they can upload their own data have been denied simply because of their affiliation with Uploads are allowed from 19 other software vendors, and even from individuals, but not from or the non-profit animal welfare organizations that use our services.

The extra steps now required to update the two sites separately takes away from volunteer time that could otherwise be spent reviewing adoption applications, treating sick animals, or interviewing potential adopters, among MANY, MANY other important finder

Whenever I meet with a patient (the pet) and client (their human) for the first time I always ask some version of, How long have you two known each other?” I love watching my client’s face light up as they recall that first moment of kitten or puppy finder

But, in order to have a good life with your dog you really need to know what you are getting into and what your responsibility is going to be. There would be a lot less dogs going to shelters if everyone understood what it actually takes to raise a dog successfully.

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