According to the American Humane Association, millions of dogs face euthanasia every year across the country because there are not enough caring homes for them. Then, while caring for animals, staff and volunteers try to learn as much as they can about these animals as well as those who come to the shelter as strays. Pedigrees may have an appeal but consider those living on the streets; adopting a needy animal is a wonderful experience.

Animal shelters are required to adhere to the health policies in their particular community. New Foster home required – Adoption offers will also be considered subject to home check. We have several cute and buxom puppies and very beautiful kitten for adoption. He is happy with the company of other dogs and great with people.adopt a dog

Once the dogs have completed 8-10 days quarantine (so we can observe them for any illnesses they may have picked up) they stay at our shelter, Doggiewood at Ingleside in the northern beaches of Sydney or can be placed into a foster home. So, don’t think that shelters are full of misbehaving animals.

Shelters receive new animals every day. Or if you prefer a particular breed that isn’t currently available at a shelter, go online to find a legitimate breed-specific rescue group in need of adopters like you. Right now we are convinced that there could never be another dog that could hold a candle to her, and the thought of getting that attached again to an animal with a life expectancy far shorter than our is daunting.adopt a dog

Please contact Monikas Doggie Rescue on 02 9486 3136 if you are able to find her – or any of the many other rescue animals – a loving home. There are lots of dogs that are without homes at animal shelters or humane societies. Ann is also fostering Freddie (pictured above) who will arrive at the Burrows family home just in time for Christmas.

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