How to Take Care of Cat Hair So It Doesn’t Fall Out Easily

One of the ways to care for cat hair so it doesn’t fall out is to pay attention to the cat food that is given. Balancing nutrition can be one way to treat cat hair so it doesn’t fall out. Grooming your cat’s fur is one way to make your pet feel happy and healthy. Here’s how to care for cat hair so it doesn’t fall out easily and is always healthy.

Cat Hair

1. Eliminate Cat Fleas

Fleas that are hidden under the hairs can make a cat feel itchy. This itchy feeling that arises will make the cat scratch or lick to relieve it. This scratching and licking activity can irritate the skin which affects the fur. Excessive scratching can also cause bald spots on the cat’s skin surface. So eradicating fleas that nest in cat fur is very important to do to maintain healthy skin and fur.

2. Give Good Care

Cats can groom and groom themselves, such as wiping behind their ears with moistened paws. By providing treatments such as removing hair that falls out to cleaning dirt and dust from the fur, it will make cats more beautiful. This treatment can also help owners to detect problems such as fleas, bumps, swelling to skin disorders.

3. Give the Best Food

Giving the cat the best food will help provide the nutrition needed by the cat. Feeding cats should be according to their health, age and activity level. To care for the coat so that it is always healthy, nutrients such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in the vitality of the skin and coat.

4. Don’t Let the Cat Stress

Hair loss caused by excessive licking may occur because the cat is under stress. High levels of anxiety or tension can be stressors for cats. The stress experienced can be the cause of several serious diseases such as idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease. This can be prevented by setting up a comfortable place where the cat can rest in peace and security.

5. Bathing the Cat

If you want to bathe your cat, always use a special cat shampoo and avoid using shampoos that contain tea tree oil which is toxic to cats. Cats are usually not very fond of bathing, this can be solved by wiping the surface of the fur with a cool, damp cloth. Using a damp cloth can help remove airborne allergens such as mold spores, dust mites, and pollen. How to care for cat hair so it doesn’t fall out can be done at home. However, for problems with the skin and fur getting worse, it is recommended to immediately consult a veterinarian.

How to Take Care of Cat Hair So It Doesn’t Fall Out Easily
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