5 Myths About Adopting Shelter Dogs

We all love pets, but unfortunately we aren’t all in the right position to own one. Animal behavioural specialists said cases of people abandoning their pets have become increasingly common especially during the summer. Animals not adopted may face euthanasia. If I had already had other pets or children when I got Kiwi I don’t know how things would have turned out.

Not all dogs are right for every home, and not all potential dog owners would be willing to put in all the effort needed to keep a young Border Collie happy. If your family wants a puppy they’ve got lots of those as well. Small or large breed dogs , their barks can be controlled by the pet parents.

Pet stores buy these puppy mill dogs, and many people who buy from the stores are not aware that they are supporting these horrible places, but by adopting a pet you can be sure that you are actually supporting a great cause for great animals. There are many misconceptions about small breed dogs that does not allow people to choose them as pets.

Go to the Humane Society, visit the Pet Refuge, talk to a number of people before you decide on a puppy. We didn’t realize, at the time, that gettin’ a puppy from a less than conscientious breeder was allowin’ them to continue to stay in business, thereby producing less that desirable specimens of the breed.adopt a dog

It is not possible for many children to have pets specially a dog or a cat. A: Puppies do not just happen to grow up to be good dogs. By adopting, you are saying that everyone deserves a second chance and that it’s the dog who matters, not the breed. We pride ourselves on the quality of loving dogs we rescue while working with shelters saving the bullies (and sometimes non-bullies) off of death row.adopt a dog

5 Myths About Adopting Shelter Dogs
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