What Kind Of Dog To Adopt

This is the first in a series of articles on the deadly disease, Canine Parvovirus. Animal shelters, unlike what these myths say, have healthy animals. All of us spend countless hours trying to save the lives of animals (and may I note that we should forget the CATS which make up the majority of our homeless animals) and now we get to spend even more just to do what we had been doing before.

Two years ago, when I was preparing to move across the country and buy a house, I poured over Petfinder, looking at all the adorable dogs up for adoption. We have also contacted Petfinder on several occasions as well as contacting a representative of the Maddies Foundation who is on the Shelter Pet Project.

2 – MISSTATEMENT: When people have asked why they are doing this, Petfinder has stated only that automatic updates from RescueGroups does not fit their current business model as a reason for suddenly blocking them. We have been receiving many calls from people looking to place their cats in our shelter and we are at capacity at the moment.pet finder

Alone, we will probably not be able to force these two very good, very valuable organizations to resolve their differences and work out an arrangement that will once again help those that are helping the animals. Get involved and help promote adoptable pets in your area.pet finder

First, adoption events like this help educate people about the availability of adoptable dogs in shelters and with rescue groups. So now in its twelfth year Pet Finder has moved on to advertise in excess of two hundred thousand available pets every single day.

What Kind Of Dog To Adopt
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